Mergers and Acquisitions

Scaling your business or starting a merger? We’ve been there. We can help.

A major change to the structure of your business – whether through rapid growth or a merger and acquisition (M&A) – is vital to long-term success. However, it’s challenging to do well.

Undergoing business transformation without losing staff, impacting your culture, or ending up with an incompatible mix of systems is difficult. Effective change requires careful planning and strategic insight from the beginning. This is where the experts at Rizing can help.

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Going through a M&A?

Learn key HR challenges associated with a M&A, and how the right approach, partner, and tools can help.

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HR obstacles in a M&A

How to create a people-centric growth strategy

Is your business growing rapidly?

Rapid growth can unsettle your workforce. Find out how to minimize disruption and maximize success.

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How Rizing Can Help

Why Rizing?

If you’ve been through a challenging time, you know – it always helps to know someone who has been through it before. Rizing has the experience and deep expertise to give you the foresight and insight to make optimal decisions at every step.

Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Minimize attrition rates and ensure employees are productive, positive and well-informed at every step.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Establish a solid and seamless HCM technology solution that grows with your business.

Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

Get reliable and trusted access to the insights and analysis you need to make business decisions.

Our Services

We can tailor our offering to your organization, stage of business transformation, and your specific needs. Our services include:

SAP Application Managed Services


We can help you implement the HCM technology you need – on-time and on-budget.

Business Transformation

We can revamp and improve your HR strategy, analytics, business processes, change management, training, and more.

Managed Services

Whether it’s a modest level of support, or a more comprehensive plan, we can support you at every step.

Business Technology

Our experts can help you harness technology to work smarter and grow the value of your business.

SAP S/4HANA Advisory and Assessment

Business Process Design

We’ll redesign your business processes and documentation to improve your efficiency.

Change Management

Change Management

Ensure a smooth transition from current state to future state with stronger system acceptance and higher user adoption.

People Analysis

Reporting and People Analysis

We can develop a reporting framework and processes to ensure you always have the insights you need.

Training Digital Adoption

Training and Digital Adoption

Our experts can create and execute a targeted training plan to achieve your business goals and increase user adoption.

The HR workload increases astronomically during a merger, acquisition or rapid growth phase.

Download Infographic (PDF)

Businesses often fail to focus on human resources during rapid growth, mergers, or acquisitions.

Download Infographic (PDF)

Why Rizing?

If you’ve been through a challenging time, you know – it always helps to know someone who has been through it before. Rizing has the experience and deep expertise to give you the foresight and insight to make optimal decisions at every step.

SAP SuccessFactors

Cloud-based human resources management system for core HR and payroll, talent management, employee experience management, and people analytics.

Qualtrics + Rizing Experience Insights

Our experts can help you get the most from Qualtrics – which collects and tracks employee sentiment and offers pre-packaged survey content.


Built on SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Lyra is an analytics solution that combines your legacy system data and your live SAP SuccessFactors data.

Workforce Software

WorkForce Software helps companies arrange, administer, and document employee work, including managing schedules, documenting paid time off, tracking attendance, and staying compliant with labor requirements.

When Beacon rapidly grew by 25%, their existing learning management system was overtaxed. Rather than having one central database, data was scattered across the organization. Rizing implemented an SAP SuccessFactors-based solution to bring everything together.

Read the full story (PDF) >

PeaceHealth was using a dated and homegrown system for HR management and recruitment. After realizing this solution no longer met their needs, they turned to Rizing for help. Rizing modernized their tools and processes with a new solution built on SAP SuccessFactors.

Read the full story (PDF) >

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