Asset Master Data Health Check

Get a baseline for improvements.

Accurate data is instrumental in achieving your organization’s reliability, productivity, and safety goals. To build trust across corporate functions and eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies, organizations need an integrated system with trustworthy information. A focus on master data and systems can ensure increased effectiveness and timely project completion.

How complete is your EAM Master Data?

Are you getting the most from your SAP EAM system? How complete is your EAM master data, and is it of sufficient quality? This Rizing SAP EAM System and Data Health Assessment provides the answers. This enables you to determine the true state of your SAP EAM system environment, processes, and data, and identify improvement opportunities.

Targeted process improvements and benefits across business functions

Accurate data and efficient SAP usage help companies reap enormous benefits and positively impact each of an organization’s main building blocks.


Sourcing savings rate

Sourcing cycle time

Sourcing events

Maverick spend

Project and Planning

Excessive inventory

Loss – stock out

Forecast accuracy

On-Time delivery in full


Data accuracy to the organization’s reliability and safety goals
30%+ increase

Data integration accuracy

Work Education

Wrench time increase

Maintenance cost reduction
up to 15%

Training costs reduction
up to 80%

Real-time insights to stakeholders

Rizing’s Data Health Assessment

All business processes require specific, accurate, and complete data, but many businesses don’t know where to start. The Rizing Data Health Assessment process reveals the current state of your data and focuses on to maximizing improvement initiatives. In the assessment process we:

  • Collect sample plant equipment data
  • Process the data using proprietary profiling methodology and standardized business rules
  • Provide quality and completeness analyses
  • Collate results that identify areas for improvement

SAP EAM System Assessment

Rizing works with many customers across a variety of industries and are experts in SAP and partner systems. We identify your best path forward by evaluating your current system and process solutions against best practices and EAM current state. This involves:

  • Interviewing key managers, supervisors, planners, etc.
  • Interrogating SAP to review configuration, integration, transaction data, process flows, usability, reporting, and KPI utilization
  • Evaluating system use, issues, and user pain points
  • Determining process and system opportunities for improvement
  • Formulating a plan for change


Our team combines their findings into a comprehensive, detailed report. The report provides details on current system health and use, processes, and data. It outlines specific areas for improvement and an action plan for implementing change. The report targets your specific needs and will include:

  • Quality of existing data and its ability to support selected business processes (i.e., BOMs, maintenance plans, etc.)
  • Specific analysis of master data objects and their completeness
  • Analysis of transactional data and relationship to work processes
  • Evaluation of current EAM processes and SAP use
  • System configuration evaluation and reports
  • Recommendations for future improvement and benefits/results impact

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