Transform Your Supply Chain and Procurement with SAP

Reduce inventory gaps and streamline warehousing operations.

Build an efficient, intelligent supply chain with SAP solutions like S/4HANA. With SAP, you can explore a broad spectrum of innovative tools to help with your transportation, warehouse, and inventory management.

Optimize your supply chain and build a roadmap tailored specifically to your organization. How? Partner with Rizing to integrate SAP solutions for supply chain.

With an agile supply chain, you can reduce inventory gaps and streamline warehousing operations, resulting in sturdier bottom lines and future-proof roadmaps.

Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

Clients can configure the OCI to transfer specific data. You can even work with vendors to take contract information and create a requisition ready to convert into a PO.

Pre-loaded contract information eliminates the need for additional sourcing activities such as RFX, vastly improving procurement cycles.

Supply Chain Implementation

Supply chains face increasing pressure to deliver value. SAP’s S/4HANA data model helps you implement real-time processing, in-memory reporting and analytics, and consolidated application process. Our team of experts has real-world experience in supply chain management and can help you enact solutions with a proven implementation approach, including:

  • Implementation and integration experience
  • Supply chain deployment expertise
  • Experience integrating new SAP S/4HANA applications with functionality such as Vertex and Ariba
  • Understanding of back-end integration with the core S/4 modules required for seamless, end-to-end supply chain process

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