SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) – Explanation and Examples

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What is BTP?

SAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the foundation for all of SAP’s latest business applications. It provides an integrated suite of capabilities to help your organization get a faster start, simplify integration and deployment, and extend the value of your SAP investments.

OK, really, what is it?

There’s a popular line of toys made up of brightly colored plastic bricks, gears, and other pieces. You can snap them together in various ways to make models of whatever you imagine.

BTP is similar for developers and advanced SAP users who want to automate a manual or incomplete process.

BTP’s 90-plus building blocks offer application functionality in five areas:

  • Integration
  • Application Development
  • Process Automation
  • Data and Analytics
  • AI

Users, developers, and business process experts use the different building blocks to rapidly develop automated solutions to manual or incomplete processes.

What Makes BTP Unique?

BTP benefits users by being:


BTP offers a simplified user experience consistent with other SAP-based applications. SAP BTP uses existing solutions like the SAP Integration Suite.

“Integration Suite is the glue between SAP business applications, third party apps, business partners, and entities like regulators and business networks,” says Martin Stenzig, Rizing CTO. “Our customers use it for its tight integration with SAP apps and the reduced implementation effort necessary due to the quantity of pre-packaged integration content.”

Easy to Use

With low-code and no-code environments available, even users with limited development experience can use BTP to create or extend applications quickly.

BTP also speeds up development by offering out-of-the-box services, content, security, and compliance.

“SAP’s Process Automation represents a combination of workflow and bot-based automation,” says Stenzig. “At Rizing, we used it to automate internal process effort by up to 60 percent.”


BTP is flexible both in deployment and licensing.

Companies can choose where to deploy their finished applications – on-premise, in their local cloud, or on a hyperscaler.

Companies using BTP can choose different payment options based on application consumption.


BTP isn’t just for low-level process automation. BTP’s 90 building blocks include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

“SAP’s AI offering allows us to host the inference of our 3D machine learning models and detect assets and anomalies in record time,” says Stenzig.

Rizing’s BTP Products

Rizing has several commercial BTP-based products, showcasing the capabilities of the platform and Rizing’s experience with it:

LMS Planner from Rizing is powered by SAP BTP.

LMS Planner

LMS Planner is a planning and scheduling tool that integrates with SAP SuccessFactors LMS to make corporate training management and resource scheduling easier and faster.

“We saw customers experiencing challenges with planning and scheduling in the LMS field,” says Stenzig. “We developed LMS Planner using BTP and can now reduce the planning effort by up to 25% and make the overall organization more efficient.”

LMS Planner on SAP Store

LMS Planner on

Lyra from Rizing.


Lyra’s superpower is seamlessly bringing together data from disparate sources.

Migrating from one software platform to another? Lyra can help. Worried about losing history? Lyra’s got you covered.

Built on SAP BTP, Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Lyra aggregates legacy system data with current data sourced from SAP SuccessFactors.

Rizing includes data analytic value packs with Lyra that jump-start your heroic reporting efforts.

“SAP Analytics Cloud and Data Warehouse Cloud are the foundation for Lyra’s HCM content,” says Stenzig. “Using these components and complementing them with Rizing’s subject matter expertise distilled into content packages we provide generate benefits for the customer in record time.”

Lyra on the SAP Store

Lyra on


Built on SAP BTP, Carbon integrates SAP and Primavera P6 systems to ensure project, MRP, and financial data is always up-to-date.

Using SAP ERP and Primavera 6? Stop manually updating both systems and use Carbon instead. Carbon eliminates double entry, meaning your project cost, schedule, and resource data is always up to date.

Carbon on the SAP Store

Carbon on

OmniSpatial from Rizing.


OmniSpatial is Rizing’s browser-based field and office data collection and integration tool. Using it, staff can collect geotagged images, videos, notes, and audio memos for specific assets or any map location.

Built on SAP BTP, OmniSpatial provides GPS-enabled data collection that integrates with existing Esri map and feature services.

OmniSpatial works with or without an internet connection. The tool synchronizes local data with the enterprise database when network connectivity returns.

OmniSpatial on

LifeCycle Pricing from Rizing.

LifeCycle Pricing

Rizing’s LifeCycle Pricing helps merchants make fast, smart pricing decisions using a centralized suite of retail pricing processes.

LCP integrates into your SAP environment to read SAP master data, TLOG, price, cost, competitor, inventory, and order data. It presents the information in a simple consolidated interface.

LifeCycle Pricing on the SAP Store

LifeCycle Pricing on

Rizing Custom BTP Applications for Clients

Have a business need not solved by one of Rizing’s existing BTP-based solutions?

No worries. We also provide custom BTP-based application development services.

“We bring our subject matter expertise and combine it with technical expertise to help you use BTP and leverage your existing SAP investment,” says Stenzig. “BTP has functionalities that allow us to accelerate the development of custom extensions, integrations, or data and decrease the time to market.”

SAP Recognizes Rizing’s BTP Experience

Rizing was an early adopter of the SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP has recognized our knowledge and experience in two ways:

BTP Advisory Council

Rizing is a founding member of the BTP Advisory Council. We work with SAP to recommend future BTP enhancements and guide the overall development of the platform.

BTP Development Partner

Rizing is one of just 12 development partners chosen by SAP. This relationship means Rizing is often involved in advanced and aggressive BTP-based projects.

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