The future looks greener with SAP® asset and people management systems.


Utilities face several challenges in today’s market, including:

  • Meeting demands while reducing carbon emissions
  • An aging workforce and infrastructure
  • Customer expectations
  • Regulatory compliance

Rizing partners with clients to address these challenges primarily using solutions from SAP and our own custom solutions.

For the Utilities industry, our experience includes implementing SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

SAP solutions help utilities analyze and report their emissions data, making it easier to measure the effectiveness of emissions reduction initiatives.

SAP’s EAM tools can help utilities implement predictive maintenance programs that minimize unplanned downtime which reduces carbon emissions.

Meet Customer Expectations

SAP’s Customer Experience solutions can help utilities provide a personalized and consistent experience across the web, mobile experiences, and social channels.

SAP solutions can help utilities provide their customers with more payment options and real-time usage and billing data, giving them more control over their energy consumption and costs.

Build Workforce Resilience

SAP SuccessFactors® supports utilities by providing an intuitive recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process, enhances candidate experience, and enables utilities to find the right talent quickly.

SAP Learning Solutions can help utilities train and develop their employees effectively, providing online courses, simulations, and other training resources.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Using SAP, utilities can streamline regulatory reporting for more efficient and cost-effective compliance.

SAP’s Asset Management tools provide a centralized view of solutions enables utilities to track asset history, maintenance records, manage asset performance, and identify potential compliance issues.

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