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Leaders in the oil and gas sector face challenges every day. Disruptions from new technologies cause uncertainty. New competitors, price fluctuations, and cost reductions add anxiety. Then there are the increasing environmental, social responsibility, and safety demands.

Solving these challenges takes herculean efforts.

Real-time data universally streamlines these efforts. That’s what award-winning Intelligent Asset Management is all about.


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Oil & Gas Case Studies

Biomethanol Producer

This European biomethanol producer partnered with Rizing to determine how well they were optimizing their technological investments and to get its EAM basics in order.

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Staatsolie Oil & Gas

Surinamese Oil & Gas company Staatsolie recently worked with Rizing to optimize tool usage by integrating tool data into Staatsolie’s SAP system.

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Total Oil & Gas

Total worked with Rizing to streamline SAP maintenance reporting by using functionality in the SAP software the company had already licensed.

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