Case Study

Luxury Fashion House Unifies Global Operations with SAP S/4HANA® for Fashion

This global luxury fashion company is a leading designer and retailer of fashion accessories. It has three well-known brands which they sell through:

  • Retail outlets
  • Flagship stores
  • Concession shops
  • Department stores
  • eCommerce websites

Locations include 55 countries on five continents, including Europe, Asia, and North America.

They focus on growth through acquisitions, so a core, central platform was integral.

The company wanted one SAP platform for a global, customer-first, intelligent enterprise experience. The goal was to standardize processes using SAP S/4HANA for fashion and vertical business in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, and finance.


Global Best practices

Integrate the entire user experience by using a robust consumer database and analytical tools

Unified Real-time Actionable Data

Build a strong data infrastructure for faster integration of acquisitions and quicker access to shared information


Gain an omnichannel, customer-centric model to increase profitability, market products, and grow sales


  • Lack of scalability: Current systems couldn’t scale in high-growth categories like footwear and outerwear
  • Cost and time consumption: High costs and long timelines of mergers and acquisitions, including high-cost control models due to inconsistent configuration globally
  • Lack of standardization: Customized solution had limited ability to simplify and reengineer processes
  • Inconsistent processes: Employees in different locations were doing the same tasks differently with different tools

SAP S/4HANA Business Case

Powering Global Growth

SAP S/4HANA provided a future-proof platform accommodating the company’s planned growth. With SAP S/4HANA, the company can streamline data, improve customer centricity, and speed up innovation.

Standardized Business Processes

Data Transformation

SAP S/4HANA helped transform the company’s data and improve analytics and collaboration.

Omnichannel Experiences

SAP S/4HANA provided a real-time platform to deliver experiences designed to keep current customers, get new customers, and recover past customers.

SAP S/4HANA Fashion Project Strategy

Rizing worked with the client to design, build, and implement SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business in all locations. The implementation was multiphased. The pillars of the project included:

Jump Start

Accelerated the timeline by implementing retail and wholesale processes using default functionality, accelerators, and the attune Fashion Suite™

Single ERP Instance

Single SAP S/4HANA instance standardizes processes for all brands and locations

Develop Internal Talent

Built a center of excellence to manage the process and solution effectively

Faster Delivery of Core Processes

Faster implementation by delivering core capabilities (buy & sell products) at go live, followed by a phased deployment of advanced capabilities

Engage Stakeholders Through the Project Lifecycle

Embedded process engineers, change agents, and end users from design and delivery to adoption

SAP S/4HANA Fashion Solution Highlights

  • One solution for core business processes
  • Rizing delivered the supply chain capabilities in a multi-partner engagement
  • Single SAP S/4HANA instance with POS and SAP CAR integration for greater visibility, productivity, and efficiency
  • Adopted global industry standards and a robust foundation for faster integration of acquisitions
  • Single tenant private cloud hosting for S/4HANA for compliant data security, greater infrastructure capacity, and cost flexibility

SAP S/4HANA Fashion Benefits

Robust Platform for Growth

Robust Foundation
for Real-time Processes

Inventory checks, in-store pickup for online purchases, and product reservations by sales associates

Cross-Channel Inventory Management

Visibility of channel-specific inventory for cross-channel inventory consumption

Omnichannel Model

Simplified cross-company transactions to support omnichannel and other distribution processes

Reduced Costs

Eliminated excess system and labor costs

A Single Source of Truth

Real-time Platform

Replaced seven ERP systems with one global platform to streamline processes and data across the company

Standardized Back-Office Operations

Integrated POS helps maintain common back-office operations

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